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Friday, August 24, 2012



  1. Great twist at the end! I love how the desire for a little private humiliation and transformation was turned into a whole nother level of humiliation!

  2. Only one thing to say about that -OH MY!

  3. I loved the twist, it makes all the humiliation he endured take a different light as he's bringing it on himself to avoid exposure. Very clever storytelling.

  4. Love the twist, love the humiliations he had to go through to keep up his act, and the no doubt months/years to come of people whispering behind his back about his 'burglary'.

    - B-Rex

  5. I'm glad you all enjoyed this one.... A couple of private comments stated that it was a little unclear that Penelope was speaking there at the end... Sorry if I confused anyone :)


  6. You really shouldn't lie to the police. I hope she's at least more careful with her Mistresses from now on.