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Monday, October 21, 2013

"Return to Oz" or "Spanx for the Memories"

I know it may be hard to tell, but I am really TRYING to keep my post count down, for reasons some long-time followers might gather...   I really don't want to push "Magic Flute" down, especially since comments have been so awesome on that one...  But, page views have pretty much dropped off the map today, again, and I had a story stuck in my head all day.  It was either create and post it, or have it bugging me through tomorrow :)

The model for this caption is the lovely Victoria Justice.  It really was entirely impossible to resist captioning her in a Dorothy costume from her movie, "Fun-Size"...  Between her as Dorothy and one of my fave redheads, Jane Levy, as "sexy/slutty kitten-girl", I was in heaven :)  Too bad the movie was atrocious :)